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                                            Community Guidelines

Purpose of Community: To grow in Carmelite Spirituality. We are to internally transform our hearts using the Carmelite Way cooperating with God's grace in order to be the light of Christ in the world.

Our Goal: To grow in our charism which is Prayer/Contemplation.  (the contemplative dimension) The three expressions of our charism are Community, Prayer, and Ministry.

Our Vocation is to be charity in the heart of the church..never a thorn in it’s side. We are not watchdogs of orthodoxy or militants for change. We leave that to the Bishops.

No political agendas are to be brought to the community. Permission is needed before discussing anything that is not on the community meeting agenda.

Set up and break down for meetings are the responsibility of all members.

Thermostats for heat or air conditioning are not to be touched except by assigned member.

Seating: Change seats often to encourage flow of the Spirit and getting to know one another.

Punctuality:  Tardiness will not be tolerated. It disrupts the flow of the meeting  and limits 

 communication. Everyone is expected to be here by 12:45.  A good excuse such as car problems may happen. If so you may notify the Director by text or email.

Leaving early:  Permission is needed before the day of the meeting. Council will decide on a case by case basis. Each situation will be reviewed according to seriousness, common sense, charity and status in community. One who has not made Final Promise will be scrutinized more than an established member.

Communication:  We are a sharing community. We trust that everything said here will be kept in confidence.

We encourage questions. In offering advice or answering a question try to begin your response with “It’s been my experience” or “I have learned” etc. On occasion one may be offended in some way by something said. It is the responsibility of the one offended to approach the other and clear matters before leaving the community or soon after. No one here means to offend anyone intentionally. Keeping the lines of communication open will help our community to grow and stay healthy.

Corrections are to be done in a charitable manner. If you are corrected charitably on the guidelines the Province holds us to you are to be humbly obedient to those corrections.


Suggestions or Concerns about the community or it’s leadership may be brought to any member of the Council before or after the meeting only. The suggestion or concern will be discussed at the next Council Meeting.

Formation questions are to be directed to the Formation Director.

Prayer requests are to be emailed to the Treasurer. Please notify the Treasurer if you wish your request be sent to the Province.

Expected Absence: Notify Director before the meeting.  Attendance numbers affect printed agendas and seating set up.

Visitor expectations: To visit and observe at least 3 meetings before becoming involved in the book study or the buying of carmelite materials. Lectio Divina participation is allowed. Visitors are encouraged to read all information about Carmel on our Website: warwicklaycarmelites.com (especially before coming if invited).

Visitor questions are to be directed to the Director or Formation Director at break time, after the meeting or by email.

Applications: Received from and returned to Secretary.


The website is to be utilized for checking meeting dates or book study information. Ongoing formation is listed in two areas......under...Formation in Progress and Meeting Agenda on the website.

Discussions in community and formation are to be limited to and respectful of our Catholic/Carmelite Spirituality.

Dues $70.00 are payable to the Treasurer by the month of March each year following the start of Phase 1 Formation.

           The Provincial Lay Office receives $45.00 and $25.00 goes into community funds.