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                                    Holy Eucharist Lay Carmel History




 June 2012

In an effort to construct an historical record of our community we have perused and gathered as much data from old documents which have survived the years. Much of the data is accurate, whereas some info is uncertain, but approximate being substantiated by other known facts. Striving for accuracy, we will be open to verification and also include any significant events that anyone may remember as being known to be true.



   In the spring of 1988, two professed members of the Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Linda Doren and Anne Kwarciak, at the request of the Council of the Corpus Christi Lay Carmelite Community , Newport, Rhode Island held an informal gathering at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Providence RI,  to see if there was interest in beginning  a Lay Carmelite Community in Providence RI..     Joining Ms.Doran and Ms. Kwarciak were Richard King,John King,Rosemary Coffey, Joseph Finegan, and Joan Welch. This group met to pray and learn more about  the Lay Carmelite Order, it's requirements and formation process. 

  With the permission of Fr. Alphonsus Sieracki, O. Carm., Delegate to the Lay Carmelite Communities of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Province, the group began meeting as a Lay Carmelite Community in Formation in the St.Anne's Room at the Cathedral.   Fr. Sieracki designated Linda Doran to serve as Director and Joe Finegan and Richard King as Councilors. After prayerful consideration the group chose the name:    "Holy Eucharist Lay Carmelite Community."

* Members who have now passed on into eternity. *


Joe Finegan           Received June 3          Cathedral      Sr. Christina Griggs O.C.  


Rosemary Coffey* Received July 16          Cathedral      Archbishop Pearce

John King*                    "             "                               "                           "

Richard King*                "             "                               "                           "

Joe Finegan  Professed     "                              "                           "  

Carol Bartone*         Received                                        Deathbed Ritual 


Linda Doran re-elected Director

 Ronald Pimental     Received July 16        Bristol   Srs. of St. Dorothy Monastery

In an effort to re- construct an historical record of our community I have perused 
In an effort to re- construct an historical record of our community I have perused ernitynto eternity.

 Rosemary Coffey*  Professed                                          "                                   

Joan Welch *    Received  October 1       OLC Chapel         Fr. Joseph Moore  


Mary Morris*              Received June 19      Cathedral             Archbishop Pearce

Christine Munger  "                 "                  "                                "      

Doris Forster                 "                 "                  "                                "

Ingrid Bentsen                 "                 "                  "                                "

Ronald Pimental       Professed          "                  "                                "

Joan Welch *                    "                  "                 "                                "    

Linda Doran continued on as Director


Anne Ciunci *            Received April 9         Cathedral             Archbishop Pearce


Christine Munger     Professed July 4             St. Charles             Fr. John Randall                    

Henry Vanasse         Received July 16         Cathedral              Fr. Richard Bucci

Judi Robitaille              "               "                       "                               "

Mollie Zaninni *              "               "                       "                               "

Ingrid Bentsen         Professed      "                       "                               "

Doris Forster                  "              "                       "                               "

Mary Morris *                 "               "                       "                              "

The September 1995 election resulted in Doris Forster being voted into the directorship with Henry Vanasse, Judi Robitaille an Mollie Zaninni councilors.


Eleanor Harkness*      Received July19      St. Charles Borromeo   Fr. John Randall

Irene Ainsworth              "            "                           "                               "

Janice Westerhouse        "           "                            "                               "

Anne Ciunci *              Professed   "                           "                               "

Rochelle Osenkowski * Deathbed Reception            Hospital            Doris Forster


Anne Jackman           Received July 19     St. Charles Borromeo  Fr. Joseph Moore

Mary McElheny*                    "           "                           "                           "

Esther Mockler*                    "           "                           "                           "

Joseph Ostrowski *                 "           "                          "                            "

Mary Ostrowski                      "           "                          "                           "

Francis  Sullivan *                   "            "                         "                           "

Nancy Kiernan *                      "            "                          "                           "

Darlene Lavoie                     "             "                         "                             "

Henry Vanasse            Professed         "                         "                             "

Judi Robitaille                  "                 "                         "                              "

Mollie Zaninni *                  "                 "                         "                             '

In September 1997 Doris Forster was re-elected Director with the same council.


Joan Cook                 Received July 18       St. Charles Borromeo   Fr. John Randall

Jane Flood                       "               "                          "                              "

Ben Healy                         "               "                          "                              "

Ray Montigny *                   "               "                          "                              "

Heidi Tousignant *                 "                   "                                 "                                      "

Veronica Lautieri *            "               "                          "                             "

Irene Ainsworth                Professed                       "                             "

Janice Westerhouse              "                  "                                 "                                   "


Anne Jackman          Professed July 17        St. Charles Borromeo   Fr. John Randall

Mary McElhaney*                "            "                          "                               "

Esther Mockler *                "             "                         "                               "

Joseph Ostrowski  *             "             "                        "                               "

Mary Ostrowski                  "              "                         "                              "

Francis Sullivan *                 "             "                          "                             "

Nancy Kiernan *                    "             "                         "                              " 

Darlene Lavoie                   "             "                          "                              "

The September election brought Linda Doran the Directorship


The community found it practical to relocate the meeting place to a more  favorable central location.  St. Timothy's Parish School became the new site.

Karen Senape           Received July 15      Ender's Isle Chapel       Fr. John Randall

Jeannette McElroy *       "             "                 "                                "

Ray Montigny *          Professed     "                 "                                  "

Veronica Lautieri *           "             "                "                                  "

Heidi Tousignant *            "             "               "                                 "

Ben Healy                         "             "                "                                 "

Joan Cook                         "             "                "                                 "

Jane Flood                        "             "                "                                 "


In September 2001 Joe Finegan was elected Director with Henry Vanasse and Judi Robitaille Councillors.

Dorothy Daylor        Received June 23     Ender's Island               Fr. John Randall


William Ainsworth    Received July 20      Ender's Isle Chapel       Fr. John Randall

John Luth                        "            "                  "                                  "

Margaret Cronin              "             "                "                                   "

Linda Mambro                  "             "                 "                                   "

Camie Morotto                "             "                 "                                    "

Karen Senape            Professed    "                  "                                  "

Jeannette McElroy*         "             "                 "                                 "


The Community elected Linda Doran Director wih Janice Westerhouse, Joan Cook, and Henry Vanasse Councilors.

Upon the closure of St. Tim's School  our meeting place was re-located to St. Kevin's church hall.

Dorothy Daylor          Professed May 31     Moodis CT                  Fr. Bill McCarthy


For geographical reasons, the council  found it in our best interest to petition a request for change in province from:  Darien, Il  " Pure Heart of Mary"  to  Middletown, NY " St. Elias Province."

William Ainsworth     Professed June 19    Ender's Isle               Fr. John Randall

Margaret Cronin             "               "                  "

John Luth                        "                "               "                                    "

Camie Morotto                "                 "               "                                    "

Linda Mambro                 "                  "                "                                 "


Maria Wallace             Received July 16      Ender's Isle              Fr. John Randall

The September election made Linda Doran Director with Linda Mambro and Judi Robitaille Councilors.


In the year 2006 Our Community's Charter was finally approved for transferal from the jurisdiction of Pure Heart of Mary Province to the St. Elias Province of NY.


Fr. Barry Meehan had the parish auto garage remodeled into a community hall, and seasonal chapel. Upon it's completion it was appropriately Blessed as The Monsignor Carlin Center. Through the amity of Fr. Barry the center became our newly established meeting place.

Maria Wallace      Temp. Professed  June 16 Medway Chapel      Fr. John Randall

Cathleen Brock      Received  

                  "                   "                            "

A newly enacted Provincial edict  stated that elections from now on would be  for three year terms.


In November 2008 the membership elected Linda Mambro as Director with Henry Vanasse, Judi Robitaille and Ingrid Bentsen as the supporting council.


Cathy Brock   Temp. Professed June 1    St. Teresa Shrine       Fr. John Randall


Maria Wallace          Final Profession   June 12            St. Theresa Shrine        Fr. John Randall


Fr. John Randall* our Spiritual Assistant passed on into eternity June 14, 2011

Angie Daly           Received     June 16     St. Timothy's Church   Fr. Barry Meehan

concelebrated by Fr Tito, Pastor of St Mary's of Baltic CT. Angie was                      received by RFC and RC *******Florence Higgins and Sue Pumphrey 

Mary McElhaney*     Shut in member       Passed  on into eternity July 14, 2011

Cathy Brock represented our community at the June Carmelite Convocation held in Chicago establishing a significant liaison with our provincial leadership.

The November election summoned Henry Vanasse to be Director with Cathy Brock and Maria Wallace to fill the council.   Cathy accepted the position of Formation Director and Maria accepted the position of Treasurer. ********The RFC and RC Florence Higgins and Sue Pumphrey were in attendance. The Province approved these enactments; as this team  was well founded and determined to give it's best efforts to establish a wholesome genuinely effective Community.

The council determined  that the establishment of our own website could be  beneficial in so many ways. In December 2011 we had developed the initial version and became on line.

Climbing the Mountain was officially chosen as the Community Ongoing Formation Text.


In January Fr. Barry Meehan agreed to be our  Community's Spiritual Assistant with the approval of our Provincial Representative.

On June 9, 2012 our council traveled to Middletown NY to attend a workshop on the new phase I Formation Guide.

 Kristen Bothur  Received  June 23  St. Timothy's Church  Rosemary Lancelotti 

 *******Provincial Coordinator 

Gerry O' Callaghan  "              "                      "                                "

Cathleen Brock    Final Profession     "                      "                                "

On July 15, 2012 Our Carmelite chapter ventured to Monson MA to meet with other Carmelite Communities in celebration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast Day.

 At Our August meeting every member read their own composed rendition of their personal  Magnificat.  It became a most beneficial enlightening  soul searching project.

We were notified  on August 31 that Florence Higgins our Regional Formation Director who for health impediment reasons felt compelled to resign from  the R.F.D. position. We were informed that Jane Jannell has accepted the post and will be our contact in matters that involve the Formation of our members.

************November visitation by RFC and RC Jane Jannell 


January 19       It was with trepidation that we received the news that Fr. Barry Meehan had resigned  from his Pastoral duties at St. Timothy's Parish and that this simultaneously brought closure to Fr. Meehan's being our Spiritual Assistant. We as a community will keep Father in our prayers, and remain continually grateful for all he has done for our community.  Thank you Father Meehan !

July 20, 2013    This day was most significant for our chapter. The joy of welcoming three aspirants who with great devotion fulfilled the initial steps in formation, were cordially RECEIVED as members in our Community. The Mass of Reception was presided by Fr. Raymond Tetreault with Fr.James Ruggieri and Deacon Eduardo Birbuet concelebrating.  Dir. Henry Vanasse Conducted the Rite of Reception with Formation Director Cathleen Brock Assisting.

Carol Melucci           Received  Saturday  July 20, 2013      St. Timothy's Church

Maryanne Tibbitts          "              "                 "                            "

Pat Recupero                  "              "                  "                            "

Maryanne Tibbitts was appointed community secretary to fill the vacancy in the present term.

***********Visitation by RFC and RC Jane Jannell


July 19, 2014   Today our community rejoiced over the Reception of Cheryl Farrell into our Holy Eucharist Carmelite Chapter and also extended hearty  congratulations to Geri O'Callaghan who made her First Profession.

Fr. Tito and Deacon John Fulton celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and assisted in the Blessing, Reception, and Profession Rites.

 The installation rite was performed by******* Regional Coordinator Sue Pumphrey assisted by   Formation Director Cathy Brock.

Cheryl Farrell       Received Saturday July 19, 2014  St. Timothy's Church

Geraldine O'Callaghan    First Profession July 19, 2014 St. Timothy's church

*******October visitation by RFC and RC Jane Jannell and Sue Pumphrey

November 16,2014   Our three year election cycle was reaching closure, thereby mandating this to be an election day: Cathy Brock was nominated for Directorship, being  unopposed, she subsequently became our new Director.   

An election for two councilors was held and Janice Westerhouse and Maria Wallace were the voters choice.  This new council recommended Maryanne Tibbits to be ongoing Community Secretary.

 Summation :       Cathy Brock                   Director

                           Janice Westerhouse       Formation Director

                           Maria Wallace                Treasurer

                           Maryanne Tibbits            Secretary

The Province  was informed and sent their approval.   

                                 Congratulations to you all  !

December 22, 2014      On this Fourth Sunday of Advent 2014 The installation of  our elected officers took place.  Friar Ignatious of the Griswald Friary and Deacon John Fulton co-officiated in the ceremonial rites.

On this same day the newly installed Director Cathy Brock professed  Angie Daly. (First Promise) 

Following Celebratory Congratulations and photo sessions the Community and guests enjoyed a fantastic Pot Luck Luncheon.  


July 18,2015   Was for our community an inspirational joy filled eventful day as we celebrated the first profession of our fellow sisters with them, by extending with all our love our heartiest  " Congratulations ! "                                                                                                                                 Carol Melucci          1st Profession        St. Timothy's Church   

 Maryanne Tibbitts   1st Profession            "        "           "           "        "

 Pat Recupero          1st Profession            "         "          "           "        "

Fr. James Ruggieri celebrated the Community's Ritual Mass with Deacon John Fulton concelebrating.   Fr. James assisted Cathy Brock during the ceremonial profession rite procedure. 

In attendance were *******RC Sue Pumphrey and RFC Jane Jannell 

The community and all it's guests continued festivities by rejoining at the Msgr. Carlin's Center for a terrific pot luck luncheon.

                                           Praise be to God !

Janice Westerhouse passed Formation leadership to Gery O'Callaghan who is now a member of council. Janice will remain on council as leader of the "Prayer Warrior" committee devoted to our inactive members. 

 September 25 thru 27     Angie Daly and Pat Recupero  represented our community by attending the Carmelite Convocation held in Atlanta Georgia. We thank you, as it will be a lasting benefit to us all.


Inactive member Anne "Nancy" Kiernan passed into eternity on 1/7/16

Inactive member Anna Ciunci passed into eternity on 5/1/16 

May 21,2016, On this beautiful spring day Cheryl Farrell made her "First Promise" and Aspirants Sonya Muscatelli and Ann Myers were received into our community.  Fr Francis O'Hara officiated at 11 am Mass and assisted Cathy Brock in the ceremonial rites. A joy-filled luncheon followed in celebration.

July 16, 2016. Our community traveled to St Elias Province in Middletown, NY via chartered bus. We spent a splendid day of Liturgy and prayer honoring Our Lady of Mt Carmel's Feast Day with hundreds of people including Carmelites, Lay Carmelites and the public. This is truly a day to remember for our community!

 Inactive member Joan Welch passed into eternity on 9/28/16

*** 11-20-16 Regional Visitation by RFC Jane Jannell and RC Sue Pumphrey


May 20, 2017  Reception/Profession Day, St Timothy's Church, Warwick, RI

Gery O'Callaghan made her Final Profession 


Sandra Cloutier,  AnnMarie Fiske,  Raymond Gaouette,  Kenya Wilkins

Fr Tito officiated the Mass and assisted Cathy Brock in the ceremonial rites.

A celebratory luncheon followed at the Carlin Center

****In attendance was our Regional Coordinator Sue Pumphrey 


JULY 16  Feast Day of OLMC

The community attended a Day of Recollection at the St Theresa Shrine in Harrisville, RI

which included Mass, Morning Office, lunch, talk by Sr. Grace, procession in honor of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, songs, Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Renewal of Promises and enjoyment of the beautiful grounds.

Sept 17  Visitation by Province of St Elias, Middletown, NY

                Fr Francis Omodio OCarm, Provincial Delegate, RoseMary Lancellotti, Provincial Coordinator, accompanied by Jim Lancellotti  graced us with their presence at our community meeting. 


November 19  Community Elections for the position of Director and 2 Council members were held by professed voting members.  The three elected were: Cathy Brock for Director, Maryanne Tibbitts and Gery O'Callaghan as council members.  This council of 3 then selected 2 other received members to join them on the council.  The two members were Carol Melucci and Ann Myers.  The Director then announced the positions of those selected. Maryanne Tibbitts, Secretary; Gery O'Callaghan, Formation Director; Ann Myers Treasurer; Carol Melucci, Councilor.

December 17  Installation of new Community Council took place with Deacon Ken Andrade presiding in front of entire Community.  A festive celebration followed!


May 12th   Holy Eucharist LCC held it's annual Profession & Reception ceremonies at St. Timothy's Church.  The day began in the Church with Morning Office. Leader was Gery O'Callaghan; Cantor I, AL Boucher; Cantor II Carol Melucci and Reader Maryanne Tibbitts.  The Angelus followed with Sandra Cloutier as leader.  Sonya Muscatelli next crowned Our Lady of Mt. Carmel as the congregation sang.  

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was then celebrated by the Carmelite Prior Provincial Delegate Fr. Francis Amodio, O.Carm, with candidate Richard Hubbell serving.   After the Homily in which Fr. Francis beautifully explained the meaning of the vocation of the Lay Carmelite,  those candidates to be received came forward carrying their Ceremonial Scapulars over their left arm.  Provincial Coordinator Rosemary Lancellotti, TOC was present to assist with the ceremonies.  Cathy Brock, Director and Gery O'Callaghan, formation director stood behind the candidates.  The Rite of Reception then took place for Richard Hubbell, Al Bouchard and Mary Capobianco.  After the Blessing of the Scapular, candidates were conferred with the scapular.

Next candidates making Temporary Profession came forward.  Sonya Muscatelli and Ann Myers, recited their Promises for a period lasting 3 years.  Candidates were presented with a candle.

Finally the Candidates for Final Promises came forward.  Maryanne Tibbitts and Carol Melucci recited their final Promises until death into the Order of the Brothers and Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Newly Professed then received their candle and Blessing.

The Liturgy of the Mass continued. 

After picture taking the congregation proceeded to the Carlin Center for a Celebratory Luncheon.

June 3   HELCC held a private Reception Ceremony for Candidate Julie Gill who was unable to be present for the Ceremony held on May 12th.  The candidate presented for Reception carrying the Scapular over her left arm. Gery O'Callahan, Formation Director for the Community received the candidate. Cathy Brock, Director of the Community assisted.  Both Gery and Cathy, following the order of the Rite of Reception then placed the Ceremonial Scapular over the shoulders of Julie. 

July 15  Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was celebrated this year at the Shrine of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, in Burriville RI.  After coffee and breakfast, Morning Prayer was prayer in the Church.  The Litany of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was sung in Procession around the outside Stations of the Cross.  The Rosary was recited prior to the Holy Mass, with lunch following.  The afternoon was filled with a lecture on Contemplation given by Sr. Grace.  The day closed with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3PM, followed by the Renewal of Promises and Evening Prayer.

October 26-27    Building Strong Community Workshop, Province of St. Elias.  Attended by Cathy, Gery, Carol and Mary.


June 1, 2019   Profession Day (First Promise) for AnnMarie Fisk, Ray Gaouette and Sandra Cloutier. Mass celebrated with Fr. Tito of St. Mary's Church, Baltic, Ct. officiating.  AnnMarie, Ray and Sandra were professed by Gery O'Callaghan, Formation Director. A joyful, spirit filled celebratory luncheon followed. Congratulations!

July 14, 2019    Feast Day of Our Lady of Mt Carmel was celebrated again at the Shrine of St Theresa of the Child Jesus in Burriville, RI

July, 2019  Mary Capobianco attended the Carmelite Convocation, Elijah-Inward Fire, Outward Zeal


June, July, August:  Outdoor Meetings due to Covid 19  (Last meeting held in February)  due to COVID 19

Sept 20 Meeting held indoors at the Carlin Center  (14 members)

Temporary Professed by Cathy Brock: Mary Capobianco, Al Bouchard and Richard Hubbell  Congratulations!

Elections were held with 10 members voting and 2 absentee ballots submitted.

Director: Gery O'Callaghan

Secretary: Sandra Cloutier

Treasurer: Ray Gaouette

Formation Director: Mary Capobianco     Congratulations to all!!

October, 2020:  Meeting at Carlin Center: Installation of Officers  (see above)

November, December meetings by Zoom


January, February, March and April meetings by Zoom

January 12, 2021  Henry Vanasse, born to Eternal Life at 86 y.o. Rest in Peace, beloved brother.

May 16, 2021  Regular Meetings resumed

September 11,2021 Reception/Reception Day was held at the Carlin Center on a beautiful sunny day at St. Timothy's.

                                 Congratulations to:

                                 Margherita Stargard and Rachel Nguyen who were received into the community.

                                 Sonya Muscatelli made her Final Promise.  Fr. Dufour of St. Phillips Church was Celebrant'

                                 Director, Gery O'Callaghan Received and Professed with Formation Director, Mary Capobianco assisting.


May 14,2022         Profession Day was held at the Carlin Center at St Timothy's Church.

                              Final Promises were made by:

                               Sandra Cloutier,  AnnMarie Fiske  and Raymond Gaouette.  Congratulations to all!

                               Director Gery O'Callaghan Professed the 3 members with Formation Director Mary Capobianco assisting.

August 18,2022          Visitation from the Province by Jim and RoseMary Lansalotti